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A comprehensive eye examination is vital to the overall health and vision of the eyes. Many eye problems have no obvious signs or symptoms during the early stages. So an eye problem may exist, but you may not know about it. Usually, early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems can prevent vision loss and slow down the effects of ocular ailments.

In this blog, Lumina Eye Care has explained how eye exams come in handy and why you shouldn’t take them for granted. As experts in vision care, we want to help you and your loved ones get an early diagnosis and treatment for eye and vision problems.

A comprehensive eye examination to assess your visual system and eye health involves a number of different tests. Unlike a simple vision screening that only assesses your vision, a comprehensive eye examination includes multiple tests for a complete evaluation of the health of your eyes and your vision.

During the comprehensive eye examination, the following can be expected:

Request for detailed case history: Your health history will alert your doctor to any conditions that should be monitored closely, such as an allergy to any medications, current or family history of systemic or eye pathology, or environmental conditions that could be affecting your vision or eye health. This will also help your doctor determine any preventative eye care measures relevant to keeping your eyes healthy for years to come.

Visual acuity tests: Visual acuity is a measurement of your vision using an eye chart, the Snellen Eye Chart. In this test, you will be seated at a standard distance and asked to read letters or symbols of various sizes, which get smaller as you move down the chart. This test is just a preliminary test to determine how clearly you can see with each eye.

Visual function tests:  Typical visual function tests assess factors such as depth perception, eye muscle movement, pupil response, etc. These properties each represent an aspect of visual function and may impact an individual’s level of functional vision. The goal of any functional vision assessment is to measure the visual task-related ability under real-world scenarios.

Refraction tests: You may have nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or other eye conditions that prevent you from seeing objects at different distances clearly. A refraction test will tell your doctor which prescription lenses will correct your eyesight to achieve 20/20 vision or whichever amount your vision is correctable to.

Dilated fundus exam - A dilated fundus examination (DFE) is a diagnostic procedure that employs mydriatic eye drops (such as tropicamide) to dilate or enlarge the pupil to obtain a better view of the fundus of the eye. Once the pupil is dilated, examiners use ophthalmoscopy (funduscopy) to view the eye’s interior, allowing assessment of the retina, optic nerve head, blood vessels, and other features. The exam is critical to preventing and treating eye conditions that could potentially lead to vision loss.

Usually, the tests you will undergo during a comprehensive eye examination may vary from eye doctor to eye doctor. Still, the ones mentioned above are some common examinations we conduct to assess the overall quality of vision and eye health. A comprehensive eye examination is beneficial for people of all ages to detect and prevent eye disease at an early stage. You can avail of this service at our office in Thornhill, Ontario. Our comprehensive eye examination costs $145, and we direct the bill to most insurance companies.

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