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Myopia Control- MiSight

Myopia Control- MiSight

Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, has rapidly increased over the past years. Although genetics play a strong role in one’s cause of myopia, it appears that environmental factors, such as increased hours of close up tasks, can also contribute to the increased prevalence.

Aside from orthokeratology (Ortho-K or OK lens), MiSight, a soft daily disposable contact lens by CooperVision, has shown to reduce the rate of myopia progression by up to 59% in children. This lens works by providing a focused image on the central vision area, and a peripheral image that is focused in front of the peripheral retina to signal the eye to not grow as much, hence slowing down the prescription change. Daily disposable lenses are ideal for children because parents do not need to worry about hygiene, which can increase risk of infections, and damaged lenses are easily replaceable.

Lumina Eye Care is excited to have another treatment available in addition to Ortho-K for myopia management. Book an appointment with our optometrists for a consultation.

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