Eye Care Services offered by Thornhill Optometrists:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam

    Comprehensive Eye Exam

    A comprehensive eye examination plays an important role in maintaining healthy eyes for children and adults. Lumina Eye Care has state-of-the-art technology to allow for a more detailed ocular health examination. For an appointment, BOOK ONLINE or call us at (905) 889-0809.

  • Pediatric Eye Exam

    Pediatric Eye Exam

    Ensure your child's visual health with our Pediatric Eye Exam. Starting at 6 months and recommended annually, our eye doctors in Thornhill, focus on early detection and development of essential visual skills for optimal learning. Book your child's eye exam online for a brighter future or call us at (905) 889-0809 for expert pediatric eye care.

  • Contact Lens Exam

    Contact Lens Exam

    Discover the freedom of clear vision with our Contact Lens Exam at our Thornhill Eye Care Clinic. Whether for active lifestyles or cosmetic preferences, our advanced technology ensures comfort and breathability. Ensure your eye health and explore various options with our expert doctors. Book your Contact Lens Exam today for a clear vision experience! or call (905) 889-0809.

  • Ocular Emergencies

    Ocular Emergencies

    Experience expert care for ocular emergencies from our qualified optometrists in Thornhill, Ontario. From infections to eye injuries, sudden vision loss, and more, we provide immediate attention, including in-office foreign body removal and avoiding lengthy ER wait times. Urgent eye concern? BOOK ONLINE or call us at (905) 889-0809 for prompt and specialized ocular emergency care—no referral is needed, and same-day appointments are often available.

  • Post-Op Management

    Post-Op Management

    Elevate your vision with Lumina Eye Care's comprehensive Laser Eye Surgery services in Thornhill. Our expert optometrists offer meticulous pre and post-operative care to ensure optimal visual outcomes. Experience clarity and precision in your vision. Schedule your Post-Op Management at Lumina Eye Care for personalized care and transformative results.

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