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    • Comprehensive Eye Exam

    Comprehensive Eye Exam

    A comprehensive eye examination plays an important role in maintaining healthy eyes for children and adults. Many people have a misconception that good vision equates to good eye health. However, many eye conditions do not have any obvious symptoms.

    During your annual eye examination, our doctors will evaluate your visual quality such as sharpness of vision and eye movements, prescription, and conduct an external and internal health examination. During your visual health examination, our doctors will screen for and manage, if needed, eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, etc.

    Lumina Eye Care has state of the art technology to allow for a more detailed ocular health examination. For an appointment, BOOK ONLINE or call us at 905-889-0809.

    • Pediatric Eye Exam

    Pediatric Eye Exam

    The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends the first eye examination for infants at 6 months. Additional examinations should be performed annually starting at the age of 3.

    It is important for children to develop hand-eye coordination and depth perception as they obtain much of their learning from their surrounding environment.

    If a child’s eye appears to be turned in or out after 6 months of age, it can potentially be strabismus. Strabismus is an imbalance of the eye muscle, causing one eye to turn in or out, creating double vision that can lead to suppression of the eye. When the eye is suppressed, development of the eye does not occur, which can lead to amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye. If amblyopia is ignored, the vision in that eye will continue to remain poor. If amblyopia is detected or treated before the age of 9, it can potentially resolve completely.

    For an appointment, BOOK ONLINE or call us at 905-889-0809.

    • Contact Lens Exam

    Contact Lens Exam

    Contact lenses are a good option for patients who are active, do not enjoy wearing glasses, or occasional cosmetic uses. With the improving technology, contact lenses are much more comfortable and more breathable than the past. It is important to get a proper contact lens fitting to determine if your eyes are compatible with the lenses. This is essential to ensure your eyes remain healthy with contact lens use. Our doctors would be more than happy to discuss with you various options. For an appointment today, BOOK ONLINE now, or call us at 905-889-0809.

    • Ocular Emergencies

    Ocular Emergencies

    Our optometrists are qualified to evaluate and prescribe therapeutics. As trained specialists we can treat ocular emergencies, such as infections, eye-related injuries, and can assess sudden vision loss, new onset of flashes and floaters, etc. We are also skilled in removing foreign body in office, so you can avoid the long wait time at the local hospital’s emergency room. When necessary, we provide referrals to other specialists as well.

    You do not need a referral and we often can see you on the same day. BOOK ONLINE or call us at 905-889-0809.

    • Post-Op Management

    Laser Eye Surgery

    Laser Eye Surgery

    At Lumina Eye Care, we strive to provide services that meet the visual needs of our patients. Our optometrists can perform pre- and post-operative care for patients who wish to undergo laser eye surgery. They will be happy to discuss your candidacy and the various refractive surgery options that will best suit your lifestyle and needs. Drs. Fung and Yu work very closely with surgeons at various laser surgery centres to ensure we provide proper post-operative care for you in the comfort of our office.

    Cataract Surgery

    Cataract Surgery

    Our doctors provide referrals to ophthalmologists for eye surgery like cataract. After cataract surgery, the implanted lens provide good distance vision without the need of glasses. However, your near vision may still be blurry and require reading glasses. We will evaluate your vision about 4 weeks after cataract surgery to see if you need glasses to maximize your distance and near vision.

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