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Contact lenses are a good option for patients who are active, do not enjoy wearing glasses, or occasional cosmetic uses. With the improving technology, contact lenses are much more comfortable and more breathable than the past. It is important to get a proper contact lens fitting to determine if your eyes are compatible with the lenses. This is essential to ensure your eyes remain healthy with contact lens use. Our doctors would be more than happy to discuss with you various options. For an appointment today, BOOK ONLINE now, or call us at (905) 889-0809.

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At Lumina Eye Care, we specialize in providing comprehensive Contact Lens Eye Tests and Contact Lens Consultations to ensure our patients enjoy the freedom and flexibility contact lenses offer. Whether you lead an active lifestyle, seek an alternative to glasses, or desire contact lenses for occasional cosmetic use, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process. With advancements in contact lens technology, lenses are now more comfortable and breathable than ever before. However, a proper fitting is crucial to determine compatibility and maintain ocular health. Our experienced doctors are committed to exploring various options with you, ensuring a personalized solution that meets your needs. Located conveniently in Markham and serving Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, Scarborough, Toronto, and surrounding areas, Lumina Eye Care is your trusted partner for all your Contact Lens Exam needs.

Lumina Eye Care

Expert Contact Lens Eye Test for Enhanced Daily Vision

At Lumina Eye Care, our Contact Lens Eye Test and Contact Lens Consultation services are designed to provide you with the optimal contact lens experience. Understanding that every eye is unique, our specialized exams ensure that your contact lenses fit perfectly, offering unparalleled comfort and vision clarity. Through a detailed Contact Lens Exam, we assess your eyes' health and compatibility with various lens types, considering your lifestyle, preferences, and any specific eye conditions. Our goal is to deliver a personalized wearing experience that not only improves your vision but also supports your eye health in the long term.

Unique Features:

Our service boasts personalized Contact Lens Consultations and advanced fitting techniques, ensuring a perfect match for your eyes. With our expert guidance, transitioning to or continuing with contact lenses becomes a seamless, comfortable experience.

Expert Contact Lens Eye Test for Enhanced Daily Vision

Seamless Process for Your Contact Lens Consultation Journey

Embarking on your Contact Lens Eye Test at Lumina Eye Care begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your vision and eye health. This initial assessment, integral to our Contact Lens Consultation, ensures that we understand your specific needs and any conditions that could influence your compatibility with contact lenses. Our expert team utilizes the latest technology to measure your eyes precisely, ensuring the lenses we recommend offer the best fit, vision correction, and comfort. Throughout the Contact Lens Exam, we explore various types of lenses—ranging from daily disposables to extended wear options—tailoring our recommendations to suit your lifestyle, activities, and cosmetic preferences. Following the exam, we provide personalized advice on lens care and maintenance, ensuring you're equipped with all the information needed to keep your eyes healthy while enjoying the benefits of contact lens wear.

Q1: How often should I have a Contact Lens Eye Test?

We recommend undergoing a Contact Lens Eye Test annually to ensure your lenses remain a perfect fit and to monitor the health of your eyes. This frequency can vary based on individual needs and any changes in vision or eye health.

Q2: Can I switch to contact lenses if I have astigmatism?

Absolutely. During your Contact Lens Consultation, we'll discuss specialized lenses designed for astigmatism. Our precise Contact Lens Eye Tests ensure we find a comfortable and effective solution for you.

Q3: Are contact lenses suitable for children?

Many children can successfully wear contact lenses. A Contact Lens Exam helps determine their suitability based on maturity, hygiene habits, and lifestyle. Contact Lens Consultations for children also include education on proper lens care.

Q4: What if I experience discomfort with my new lenses?

If you experience discomfort, please contact us immediately. Our Contact Lens Consultation includes follow-up care to address any issues and ensure your comfort and satisfaction with your lenses.

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The success of your Contact Lens Exam is paramount to us. Reaching out to our team ensures you receive expert advice, personalized care, and the support you need to enjoy the best possible vision and comfort from your contact lenses.

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