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Laser eye surgery can correct most types of refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This is done by reshaping the outer layer of the eye (i.e. cornea). Laser technology has evolved dramatically during the last few decades and is now safer and more accurate than ever before. As expert eye doctors/optometrists, we at Lumina Eye Care have written down a few pointers to show you how our laser eye surgery can benefit you. 

Wearing glasses or contact lenses is not for everyone. Some people dislike the inconvenience of glasses or the way they make them look, while others simply cannot insert/remove contact lenses or it causes dryness. There is also a considerable expense attached to each option, particularly if the prescription changes regularly. In addition, more recently due to the wearing of masks during the pandemic, people are finding the fogging of their glasses to be frustrating.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses, and it comes in the form of laser vision correction. At Lumina Eye Care, we provide co-management services for laser eye surgery. Our optometrist will provide a post-operative assessment to see if a patient is a good candidate to proceed with laser eye surgery. Then we consult and discuss the various options available. A referral will be made on behalf of our patient to the best-suited laser eye surgery clinic. 

Once a referral is made to a laser clinic, their surgical coordinator will arrange a consultation with the patient and this is generally complementary in fee. After further testing and discussion of surgical outcomes, a suitable type of refractive surgery (i.e. LASIK, PRK, SMILE, ICL) will be recommended to the patient. Generally, laser eye surgery costs about $5000 for both eyes, but this can vary between laser clinics and type of refractive surgery.

After laser surgery, our optometrist will provide post-operative care to ensure the best healing and outcome of the surgery. We help our patients feel comfortable and ensure that they are well informed each step of the way to enjoy the comfort and new journey of being glasses free.

If you are looking for eye doctors/optometrists in Thornhill, Ontario, then reach out to us at Lumina Eye Care. We are passionate about optometry, and it has been our aspiration to open a practice to serve the community and provide personal and quality eye care. In addition, we enjoy providing vision health care for those in need. 

We offer services like comprehensive eye exams, pediatric eye exams, contact lens exams, ocular emergencies, and post-op management. We also offer myopia control services like Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), Myopia Control- MiSight, and Miyosmart. We have patients visiting our eye care clinic from across Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, Scarborough, Toronto, and the surrounding areas. 

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