Cosmetic Lenses

With Autumn's arrival, and Halloween costumes and decorations in stores, you can be guaranteed that people will be tempted to wear coloured contact lenses in order to make their outfits more outstanding enabling them to really get into character.
So what's so bad about grabbing "cat-eye" contact lenses off the shelf so you'll be a sure winner at this year's Halloween party?
Contact lenses are considered medical devices and need to be properly fitted and assessed by a trained clinician before being used. The person needs to be instructed on how to care for the lens, including putting the lens in and taking it out in order to avoid eye infections or scratching the eye.

If a lens is too loose, it can be uncomfortable and the lens has more chance of folding and being tucked underneath the top lid.
If a lens is too tight it can deprive the eye of oxygen causing a red eye, blurry vision and pain.
Most cosmetic lenses are not FDA approved, so people will be using them at their own risk. Poor manufactured lenses can result in the paint flaking off the lens, which causes foreign bodies in your eye. In addition, it can be made from a material that does not allow your eyes to breathe that can result in many uncomfortable symptoms.

So if you're thinking of investing in some colour effect contact lenses and want some more information, speak to your Optometrist today! You can also CLICK HERE to book an appointment or call us at (905) 889-0809 to schedule your eye health and vision assessment.