There are many common eye conditions that are preventable or treatable, especially if it's detected early. Our team of eye doctors and staff strongly believe in patient education, which is important in raising ocular health awareness to protect and maintain good vision.

Did you know cataracts is one of the most common preventable cause of vision loss? Learn more about it here.

Diabetes can affect the eyes if blood sugar is not controlled properly or if a patient had been diabetic for many years. It is important for them to have eye exams at least once a year, or more frequent if their eye doctors find necessary.

Usually 40-50% of your nerve fibres deteriorates before you would notice a problem! Make sure you get routine eye exams so our optometrists can help detect glaucoma as early as possible.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Similar to other parts of our body, our eyes deteriorate with age. Learn more about it here.

Do you see black little floaties in your vision? It's important to make sure it did not cause any damage to the back of your eyes.

Ocular Allergies
Don't let allergies get the best of you this year. Our eye doctors can help improve your comfort.

Retinal Detachment
If you notice floaters, flashes of light, and/or a curtain or veil, you should come in immediately to ensure you don't have a retinal detachment!

Dry Eyes
Dry eyes are more common than you think.

Colour Deficiency
Learn more about one of the most common genetic eye condition.

Here's a good reason to not rub your eyes all the time.